The importance and the popularity of a charismatic managers

In the West, charismatic managers are very popular they ignite everyone around with optimism, know everything about business, and immediately make the right decisions, relying solely on their intuition and luck.

But there are few such geniuses in the world. How do all the others succeed? They think! A good manager constantly asks himself questions, why something is going wrong, conceived, reflects and finds answers.

Effective management techniques

To improve business efficiency and simplify management decision making, business management systems have been developed. The most famous modern business management systems are Lean Manufacturing or Lean (Lean), originating from TPS (Toyota Production System)  QMS   the quality management system described by the international standard ISO 9001  2008  Systems Theory of Constraints, created by Dr. Eliyah Goldratt  Six Sigma is a product of the American company Motorola. To know more about What is Business Management? You must seek help online.

Understanding various characteristics of Six Sigma  

Six Sigma is a business management system that aims to minimize the likelihood of deviations (defects) in its activities. The planned quality indicator is no more than 3.4 defects per 1 million operations.

Lean business management is the acceleration of the value stream. Anything that does not create value to the consumer is a loss (muda) and must be eliminated. However, there was a wrong opinion that Lean Manufacturing is solely a struggle against costs or savings. This leads to a large percentage of unsuccessful implementations, and even the opinion that Lin in Russia does not work due to the peculiarities of the Russian mentality.

The theory of system limitations (TOC)

In our opinion, is the most effective system of business management today? The TOC says that every enterprise at one point in time has one “bottleneck” or “restriction” in the TOC terminology, which does not allow it to develop. Finding and maximum use (or expansion) of this restriction allows us to take the enterprise to a new level of development.

TOC perfectly complements any of the above business management methodologies. The theory of constraints allows you to concentrate on the main thing and gives a quick effect in months, not years. After introducing TOC, Toyota received a 60% increase in flow productivity over 6 days, although it’s TPS production process was already considered perfect and the best in the industry.

Systems business management and the process of continuous improvement

Systems business management is management according to a long term strategy of continuous improvement developed, which includes a deep understanding of the company’s goals, its place in the market and reaction to external factors. The chosen strategy should allow the company to achieve its goals in a short time, so when developing it is necessary to concentrate on the factors limiting development. We recommend using a strategic session to develop a strategy in which management and key employees should participate. It is necessary that employees take it and consider it their own. Because without the involvement of staff, achieving the goals set will be very difficult.

Please note that business management by CBT should consider the entire business as a single system, because local improvements of individual sections are ineffective.